Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer Plans? Joke 4 Friday

Greetings fellow Network of Love Lovers!

As some of you might know, I am spending most of my summer living at a church in Milwaukee called All Saints Parish. This is my third day with the community and already I feel very welcomed and alive with these people. The pastor, Fr. Carl Diedrichs, has been very helpful in opening his home to me. I am grateful to the kindness all the staff has shown me thus far! I felt compelled to write that in my blog, just so you all know where I’m at for the summer and where some of the inspiration for postings will come. If anyone feels like sharing summer plans on this blog, please do so. Even if you think your summer is going to be filled with school, work, or good ole’ boredom, I’m sure there is SOMETHING interesting and awesome about what you’re doing. You’re all adventurous, exciting, creative people. What’s up for your summer?

Thank God it’s Friday Joke:
I’d like to reiterate a joke that was said at a dinner Fr. Carl invited me to several nights ago. Sister Margaret (who just so happened to be my mom’s former boss…SMALL WORLD!) retold a joke she had heard about an eighty year old woman who was marrying her fourth husband. The previous three had all unfortunately passed away before the woman. (I’m not terribly good at retelling jokes, so bare with me). The first husband was a banker, the second husband worked in a circus, the third husband was a minister, and the fourth husband was an undertaker. As the woman told a person about all her experiences with her husbands and her new husband, the undertaker, the person couldn’t help but be intrigued by the unique jobs of each of the husbands. In awe, the person asked the woman why she had been attracted to such different men with such different jobs and experiences. The woman replied, well, the first husband was for the money, the second for the show. The third was to get ready, and the fourth is to go! I hope that brightens up your day a little bit.

Peace friends,

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