Friday, December 19, 2008

From Rio to You! Bom Dia!!!

Greetings from Rio de Janiero to my fellow network of love lovers,

A brief, brief update from Brazil...

Rafael and I are having a wonderful time! I am so intrigued and transfixed with Brazil and the people, the natural beauty, the flavors, the vibe, etc.

Wow...I can´t wait to see what else our trip has in store for us.

Some highlights thus far:

-Walking around Sao Paulo, drinking a coffee at a STARBUCKS in Sao Paulo - very Brazilian right?
The Starbucks had a quote on the wall that included God as a part of your goals in your life...ha...God and Starbucks. God probably drinks Starbucks? Maybe a vanilla latte?

-Staying in an INCREDIBLE apartment in downtown Sao Paulo with Fernanda, Rafael´s friend who had studied in Chicago for several years (pictures when I return)

-Spending a night at la Catedral do Chopp (Cathedral of the Chopp---a Chopp is a very special, very smooth beer poured exclusively at that particular restaurant Campinas---we were in a restuarant that was meant to pour this kind of beer. Now we´re talking, huh dad? haha
Also, at the place, we grilled our own steak. That is, Geraldo, Rafael´s cousin (he´s about 45 and has a family...he´s more like an uncle to Rafael) grilled our steaks and then would periodically fill our plate with a petite and delicious filet. As you all know, I am not a red meat kind of person. But this beef was absolutely delicious. The entire evening was incredible. I struggled to communicate, but Rafael, the faithful translator between English and Portuguese, helped all of us out. He was the bridge that brought together two languages and helped us all have such a wonderful evening.

More to come in the coming days. Feel free to send this to anyone who might have any interest in reading about what two young college seminarians are doing in Brazil (one a native Brazilian, the other a redheaded foreigner).

Until the next e-mail...Tchau!


seu amigo bob.

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Andy Kirchoff said...

I can't wait to hear more! One quick question - How's the weather down there? Here in Chicago (and much of the midwest, actually) about 6 inches of snow has accumulated in the past 48 hours, and we're just getting started! More of "God's dandruff" is supposedly heading our way...

Cheers to both you and Raphael, Bob - have a very merry and blessed Christmas break!