Monday, February 2, 2009

Restless Serenity

Greetings fellow Network of Love Lovers,

People of the ancient world would worship deities on top of mountains (Mount Olympus comes to mind). On Mount Sinai, the Israelites received the law that would come to shape an entire people. The heart of Jesus' ministry, the point of his passion, took place on a mountain (Mount Calvary). There is something so metaphorical about climbing a mountain, reaching a summit. It is like running a race, finishing something you started. The mountains in Rio de Janeiro, in which I had an opportunity to witness from above if you will, were breathtaking to say the least. In an earlier blog six weeks ago or so, I posted a poem that was inspired while on top of Sugar Loaf Mountain. I was within range of seeing a city as through the lens of a hawk in the air.

The serenity and the restlessness that I felt on top of the mountain was incredible. These two feelings (serenity and restlessness) would seem to contradict each other. On the contrary, somehow someway, they became two pieces of a complete puzzle of thought. It's serene, divine to be thousands and thousands of feet above where we do a majority of our living. To breathe in clouds and dew, to have air smell and taste different is spectacular. And those of you who have ever stood on top of a mountain (whether it be a famous mountain range like the Rockies, the Alps or the Andes), or a simple hill close to your home, can communicate at an "I'm mesmerized" kind of level, the feeling of awe when in the presence of a mountain. And maybe, if you have ever shared a mountain experience like the one I had in Rio, can relate to the restlessness I mentioned. For some reason, being up in the air, looking down on a city, on water, on clusters of creation, I felt a sense of wanting to capture that image for a lifetime and somehow make a bold, life changing decision on top of the mountain.

Needless to say, I decided to return home after the restless, serene, awesome mountaintop excursion. I didn't by accident get left behind in a beautiful country like Brazil.

But, what I can say is the impact that trip had on me will last a lifetime someway, somehow. And when I am feeling restless here at or near sea level (maybe a little above technically speaking), I have a memory to return to where that restlessness makes sense with a kind of tranquility that nature's beauty allows us to capture and share intimately with our Spirit and the Spirit of those around us. And so, I scattered several pictures from on top of a mountain in Rio de Janeiro (pictures taken by my good friend Rafael) throughout this blog entry.

May your day be restless enough to inspire you to do something seriously serene!

peace to all my friends.

with love,

your friend bob : )

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