Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One of those Connection Moments

Greetings fellow Network of Love Lovers!

I hope your Wednesday is turning out nice. This day has been traditionally nicknamed "spy Wednesday" by some Christians because it is a day where the reading in the Gospel pertains to Judas being the "spy" who will ultimately hand over Jesus to officials to be put to death.

Today I don't have a reflection, just a comment of sorts.

After my Ancient Philosophy course, I was walking and talking with a friend from the class. We were talking briefly about our summer plans; I mentioned that I would be in England this summer for some time. She said in a joking way she was jealous. I said I was jealous of myself too. Anyways, she mentioned her boyfriend had some family in Chelsea, a district or area (I'm not quite sure as to the specifics really) of London. I had mentioned earlier in the conversation that I would be spending some time in Liverpool, staying with some friends. (I can't wait to write while in England staying with my wonderful friend Sheila! You will probably here about her in coming months!). Anyways...finishing my's where it turns sort of interesting. Before we are both ready to go our separate ways, I look up at the TV in our student lounge (we were passing through after class). I noticed there was a soccer game on the television (football by most other country's terminology). This was a rugged football game being played by two teams in England. Can you guess the two clubs? I'll give you a of the areas begins with the letter "L" while the other begins with the letter "C." Crazy enough, Liverpool and Chelsea were playing each other and were being broadcast on ESPN the moment we mentioned the two places in England. Wow!!! It was one of those "connection moments."

I hope you make plenty of connections with family or friends this weekend if you are taking part in any church celebrations or picnics or dinners or festivities of any kind. And remember, even if people are not with you in person, there is that "connection" that we all don't quite understand, and that makes us step back. To think that we are all not connected by some beautiful, life-giving force is difficult for me to do. I know I am only human. But those signs...when you are least expecting them...those signs point us to think in a certain direction.

peace and blessings on your day!

with love,

your friend bob : )

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Michal L. said...

Good luck in England.

It is not always easy to be with the family. There are many different dynamics there. I am so happy that in my family we can be together. It is only possible because we do not want to change anyone and we just accept who the other is. With friends is similar I think. So, let us enjoy the people in general with an exception of those who are danger to the society